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Circuit Boards

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Printed Circuits Boards

Production specification

Descriptions Capacity
Material FR4, FR2, Cem, High TG, Aluminium, Flex
Layers count 1-16 layers
Finish board thickness 0.15 mm up to 3.5 mm
Max Panel size 20"x24" (508x609 mm)
Min. Trace width/spacing Outer layers: 4/4 mil (0.1/0.1 mm)
Inner layers: 4/4 mil (0.1/0.1 mm)
Misregistraction ≤0.125 mm
Copper foil thickness 1/2 oz to 4 oz
Min. Drilling size 0.2 mm
Tolerance of PTH ±0.08 mm
Tolerance of NPTH ±0.05 mm
Tolerance of hole position ±0.076 First Drill
±0.127 mm Second Drill
Copper thickness in PTH (Normal) 18um Min (According to IPC-A-600F Class II)
Finished board thickness tolerance ≤0.8±0.0762 mm
≥1.0 mm±10%
Impedance control ±10%
Routing outline tolerance ±0.13 mm
Punching outline tolerance ±0.1 mm
Flatness (Bow and twist) ≤0.75% (According to IPC-A-600F Class II)
Surface Finish OSP, HAL, Leadfree HAL, Flash gold, Chemical gold, Chemical
Tin, Chemical Silver, Gold finger
Additional finish Peelable Mask, Carbon Ink
ENIG Thickness (Normal) Au: 3u" (0.025-0.075um); Ni: 120-200u" (3-5um)
Immersion Tin 0.8-1.2um

Fabrication Data Inputs

Type Preferred Usable
Gerber Electronic Files RS-274-X or
GC-CAM/View 2000
Print Files HPGL Gerber, DXF
Drill Files ASCII Excellon, Gerber, Trudrill
Aperture List Standard Wheel
with D.code List
If RS-274-D is used

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