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Irel Iskra Relays

Impulse coil energizing

TRK 15 - 16 ::Miniature Bistable :Relay - Image 1

Impulse coil voltage for operate Uio can be higher then rated voltage Un, but duration of the operate impulse Tio should be choosed from the following diagram. The best energizing is achieved with rectangular impulse in duration of 20 ms.
Impulse coil voltage for release Uir must be opposite polarity as operate coil voltage and can be higher then 45% Un, but duration of release impulse Tir should be choosed from the following diagram, to avoid re-operate of the relay.
When the relay shall be released with rated coilvoltage Un, one external resistor R (see coil data and driving circuits) must be included in release circuit.

Operative Voltage Range at other temperature

TRK 15 - 16 ::Miniature Bistable :Relay - Image 2

Diagram of operative voltage range show that over 40°C of ambient temperature Umax for continuous operate duty, which still prevent overheating of the coil, becomes lower then Un.
Therefore, over this temperature, impulse energizing is obligatory, with impulse operate voltage Uio >= Un.
Impulse coil voltage must not exceed 80% of the test voltage between coil windings.

Minimum impulse duration for release

TRK 15 - 16 ::Miniature Bistable :Relay - Image 3

To prevent overheating of the coil at impulse energizing, the operate impulse duration ratio Tio/Tp must not exceed limit regarding to the operate voltage ratio Uio/Un - see the following diagram.
Min. periode duration Tp = 2s (1.25A) and 6s (3A).

Minimum impulse duration for operate

TRK 15 - 16 ::Miniature Bistable :Relay - Image 4

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